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Alpaca Teddy Bears

Not your average teddy bears, these are made of premium alpaca fiber (some suri, some huacaya) in the full range of 22 natural alpaca fleece colors. These will last for years, and can easily be cleaned with talcum powder and a brush. Not recommended for children under three, or dogs. Caution, holding them may be addictive!

Approximate sizes (left to right): 21" - $259 (new), 18” - $199, 15” - $159, 12” - $85, 9” - $65, 6” - currently not available. All bears and stuffed animals now 20% off for the month of March only.
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Large alpacas

Standing 29 inches high and 16 inches long, these stuffed alpacas are sure to delight. And they don’t require pasture or hay. Easy to keep. From left to right: a brown suri alpaca, fawn, white, and fawn huacaya alpacas. $199. Now on sale - 20% off.
Standing Alpacas
Standing Alpacas
Handmade, hand-knit classics

These hand-knit figures are one-of-a-kind and made exclusively for us, using our own yarn. Only natural dyes are used, all natural materials. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Knit felted teddy
Knit Doll