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The Alpaca Shop

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Alpaca Yarn

Very soft in natural alpaca and other colors. From our herd to your knitting project.

Raised here, spun at small family-owned USA mills.

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Spruce Ridge Alpaca Rugs

Alpaca rugs made here in the USA from our own alpaca fiber. Sturdy, yet remarkably soft, these rugs are available in natural colors right off the animals, or with all natural dyes.

Southwestern patterned rugs, approximately 2-½’ x 3-½’. Originally $225, now on sale at $99.
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These 8’ x 10’ area rugs are made with a premium, soft alpaca yarn. Hand woven in Texas with our own fiber. $3,500.

Spruce Ridge Rug
Spruce Ridge Rug
The same rug shown here with a selection of our luxurious and warm alpaca coats for women. See coat page for details.
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From our grey alpacas to the mill - available in 2'6" x 3'6" $275.
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Created with natural brown alpaca fiber overdyed with green. In 3' x 3’, was $375, now on sale for $125; 3' x 5' originally $600, now on sale for $400; and 4’ x 6’ originally $800, now on sale for $550.
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Blue rugs are available in 2'6" x 2'8" originally $299, now $150.
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